In 2020, cyberattacks cost the global economy €5.5 trillion. They also eroded public trust in institutions and put stress on millions of lives. Despite these threats, most law enforcement agencies and European countries lack the proper systems to track and respond to cybercrime in a timely manner.
The project aims to provide policymakers, law enforcement agencies and the private sector with a more comprehensive understanding of cyberattacks and cybercrime in the EU. Insights will be used to develop investigative tools, improve information sharing, and better detection, response and prevention of cybercrime.

Improving public awareness and stimulating stakeholders to report cyberattacks to LEAs and CERTs

Developing and enhancing investigative and forensic tools to strengthen the capacity of LEAs to investigate cybercrime and cyberattacks

Providing LEAs, policymakers and the private sector with a better picture of the extent of cybercrime and cyberattacks in the EU

Fostering cross-border collaboration between LEAs to improve the efficiency of permanent contact points for cybercrime

Increasing cooperation between European governments to deliver harmonised policy responses to cybercrime