Responding to cyberattacks: a European approach 

Cyberattacks and cyberthreats have become increasingly prominent in the news. Every month there is at least one major cyberattack featured in European mass media, while thousands go unnoticed and unreported. If cyber threats and cyberattacks are becoming an everyday reality, how can society respond, and who is responsible for that response?   The literature  As part […]

CYBERSPACE’s Latest Workshop: Empowering Cyber Resilience 

On the 4th of April 2024, a workshop organised by Privanova on “CYBERSPACE Enhancing Cyber Resilience: Addressing Key Gaps in Cybersecurity Knowledge” took place. Over 50 participants from various sectors attended and participated in the workshop. Indeed, present were several representatives from SMEs, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), computer emergency response teams (CERTs) and cybersecurity professionals. […]

CYBERSPACE Hackathon in Paris – Coming April 2024!

The DCIS is excited to announce the opening of registrations for a groundbreaking hackathon event, scheduled for April 25, 2024, at the DCIS headquarters in Paris. This event is a pivotal moment in the CYBERSPACE project, focusing on the critical issue of decrypting cybercriminal data on online forums. Endorsed by the JRC and EUROPOL, the […]

Swedish Phone Operators Unite Against Fraud: Introducing the Short-Number Solution

A handful of phone operators in Sweden have come together for the cause of reducing consequences of the large number of fraudulent text messages sent to citizens. The result is a short-number that can be used to forward fraudulent messages to these operators. Four of the large phone operators in Sweden teamed up to tackle […]

Advancing Digital Forensics investigations with the utilization of Cryptographic Inventories

Cryptography’s dual use presents a significant challenge in the realm of technology. On the one hand, it offers a positive application by safeguarding our secrets. This is achieved, for example, through the encryption of sensitive information and ensuring access is limited to authorized individuals only. On the other hand, the same cryptographic methods can be […]

Talking about technical cyberattack attribution

Cyberspace is vulnerable to cyberattacks. A major challenge in cyberspace is cyberattack attribution. Cyberattack attribution can be defined as “the matching of a certain attacker or group to a cyber-attack and the consequent unveiling of the real-world actor(s)’ identity.” [1]. The process frequently implies analysing digital traces left by the attackers to discover their identities, motivations, […]

Editorial: The Extent of Cybercrime on the Dark Web

Introduction to the Dark Web The content on the World Wide Web is divided into three parts: surface web, deep web, and dark web. The surface web is the part of the internet that is indexed by search engines and is accessible to the general public through regular web browsers. Websites and content on the […]

Enhancing digital forensics: artifact analysis tools for Android

Android is primarily developed for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, serving as a mobile operating system. Android has maintained its position as the best-selling operating system for smartphones globally since 2012[1]. It has also been the leading operating system for tablets since 2013[2]. As of January 2022, Android boasted more than three billion […]