Next Tuesday, 20th September 2022, at 12:00 CEST CC-DRIVER and CYBERSPACE will be joining forces against cybercriminality and discuss the current EU cybercrime landscape. The Information Security Forum (ISF), in their work as a partner in the CC-DRIVER project, will be presenting the results of their policy gap analysis and discuss their analytical framework for […]

Copyright infringement as a form of cybercrime

What is copyright? Copyright (or author’s right) is a term that commonly refers to a regulation or set of regulations that define the scope and protect the rights of creators of literary (including software), dramatic, musical, and artistic works in terms of how the work is used and protection against unauthorized use. In most European […]

Call for External Stakeholder Board Members

The CYBERSPACE project is currently looking for experts in the field of cybersecurity to join our Stakeholder Board. The members of our Stakeholder Board will assist CYBERSPACE by shaping our research with their experience, providing valuable feedback on the project’s reports and outputs and collaborating with a network of other domain experts to discuss the […]