Blogpost: Training & Evaluation Event for CYBERSPACE Tools for LEAs in Crete-Greece

On June 5th and 6th, 2024, KEMEA organized an event hosted by FORTH at their premises in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, centered on the “Training & Evaluation of CYBERSPACE Tools for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)” The event gathered over 30 participants, including members of various LEAs such as the Hellenic Police, Hungarian Police, Swedish Police, National Law Enforcement Agency of Finland, Polish Police, Spanish Police, Police Service of Northern Ireland, and the Police Force serving the West Midlands County of England. Moreover, the event was attended by the project’s Stakeholder Board Members consisted of representatives from research organizations, academia, and cybersecurity professionals.

Agenda of the event

June 5th: Demo and Hands – On Training – Quantitative Evaluation

The first day featured an engaging demonstration and hands-on training session showcasing the 8 advanced tech tools developed under the CYBERSPACE project by the technical partners FORTH, WITHSECURE and TRILATERAL. Participants actively engaged with the tools, exploring their functionalities and applications in real-world scenarios. Following the practical session, attendees completed a detailed questionnaire designed to quantitatively evaluate the tools, filling in grades to various key performance indicators and providing valuable feedback for the current status and the future enhancements of each tool.

June 6th: Working Group Meeting and Discussion – Qualitative Evaluation

The second day was dedicated to a comprehensive Working Group meeting. This session provided an opportunity for participants to qualitatively assess the tools, discussing their positive aspects and the potential areas for improvement emphasizing the importance of user perspectives and real-world applicability in refining the tools to meet LEAs’ operational needs effectively.

The qualitative evaluation session was followed by a second session of all LEAs facilitating a dynamic exchange of views on the latest methodologies and technologies in the fight against cybercrime. Experts shared insights and best practices, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at enhancing cyber defense strategies.

Event Highlights

Overall, the event successfully combined demos, live hands-on training followed by evaluations and  in-depth discussions, contributing to the ongoing efforts to equip law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools and knowledge to combat cybercrime effectively.

Participants gained valuable insights into the CYBERSPACE tools and their applications in law enforcement. They received practical training, which boosted their skills in utilizing these advanced tools. The event provided a platform for LEA members and cybersecurity experts to network, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Constructive feedback was collected on the tools’ effectiveness, aiding in their future development and improvement.