Cybercrime Knowledge Hub

Understanding of Crypto-jacking Attacks

In the evolving landscape of cyber threats, cryptojacking emerges as a silent yet pervasive hazard.

And, as cryptocurrencies continue to gain value and prominence, the incentive for cybercriminals to engage in crypto-jacking has surged, making understanding and awareness of this cyber threat more relevant than ever.

Initiating Action upon Detecting Hacking

The digital landscape is fraught with cybersecurity threats, making the recognition and management of hacking incidents a priority for individuals and organizations alike. Hacking, the unauthorized access to or manipulation of data or systems, can lead to significant data breaches, financial loss, and erosion of customer trust.

Understanding what constitutes a hacking attempt is the first line of defense in cybersecurity.

Knowledge of Main Challenges Faced When Reporting Cybercrime

Deep dive into the practical challenges in cybercrime reporting, from technical barriers to organisational hesitations. 

Learn more about strategies to streamline reporting and the benefits of early and accurate reporting.

Awareness of Relevant National Authorities

Overview of key national authorities related to cybercrime reporting in the EU. 

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of these authorities and how they coordinate with EU-level bodies.