CYBERSPACE Hackathon in Paris – Coming April 2024!

The DCIS is excited to announce the opening of registrations for a groundbreaking hackathon event, scheduled for April 25, 2024, at the DCIS headquarters in Paris.

This event is a pivotal moment in the CYBERSPACE project, focusing on the critical issue of decrypting cybercriminal data on online forums. Endorsed by the JRC and EUROPOL, the hackathon aims to create innovative tools for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to combat child pornography and terrorism more effectively. Participants will tackle the challenge of converting hashed passwords into clear text, a task vital for improving the efficiency of investigations.

  • A call for innovative projects and solutions
  • 5 pre-selected projects and candidates who will benefit from a 4 weeks coaching program to prepare their pitch and their demonstrator for the finale
  • A demo day and 1 winner: In Paris, Thursday 25th April, to select the Laureate

Databases seized during investigations do not represent standardized structures, and many users have got hashed passwords, because security standards recommend storing hashes of user passwords; the objective of the investigators is then to find or guess clear passwords in order to fill the user databases.

This contextual data (username, last name, first name, messages, hobbies, “about” section, etc.) is today set mainly in SQL-like format (around 99% of cases, which justifies this field for the DCIS Hackathon). Online forums match the framework of use which is not the most ethically or legally sensitive, but which can be of major interest in the long term for LEAs on specific questions, as forums housing child pornography data issues.

The preliminary steps of this work would benefit from being further automated, to save time and efficiency in the work of the investigators. 50 to 80% of the data can be obtained automatically without human intervention. They must above all be completed by a second phase of a more contextual automated generic decryption. The identification of passwords in hash form is therefore a key issue of the Hackathon, with a potential field of exploration for “salt”.

Candidates will have to propose solutions:

  • That are not limited to cracking cybercriminals’ passwords
  • But which allow investigators from different LEAs to concentrate better on this task, and thus spend less time on extraction and collection data.

The event will see finalists present their solutions to a jury of European security forces and institutional representatives.

The winner will receive a prize that supports further tool development within this European collaborative framework. This initiative marks a significant step towards equipping LEAs with advanced tools for simplifying daily tasks and is part of the broader efforts under the CYBERSPACE project to enhance security and law enforcement capabilities across Europe.

  • Innovative companies (EU Incorporated) : Startups, SMEs,Technology platforms, research centers, Students Junior companies.
  • EU Law Enforcement Agencies: Technical units
  • EU Projects holders (still non incorporated): Students in the frame of their educational program (collective projects..); Individual entrepreneurs supported by a public or private Incubator.

Calendar: Submissions are opened from 19th February to 15th March 2024 23h59 CET.

How to submit? To submit, it’s simple, you just have to fill in the application form HERE.

For more information about the hackathon, please explore our dedicated webpage: