CYBERSPACE partner, PRIVANOVA, Lights the Path at UN’s Cybercrime Consultation: Collective Force for Countering Cybercrime

Charting the course in the fight against cybercrime, Privanova recently stepped onto the global stage, representing the Law Enforcement Agency Cluster at the prestigious Fifth Intersessional Consultation of the UN’s Ad Hoc Committee.

Organised by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and held in Vienna on the 20th and 21st of June 2023, this international forum was established to devise a comprehensive convention on counteracting the use of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes. In this context, Privanova’s role was more than just participation – it was about voicing the collective expertise and efforts of the LEA Cluster on a platform that influences international cybersecurity policies and procedures.

The Gathering of Minds in Vienna: A Call to Strengthen Cybersecurity

A multitude of stakeholders from various sectors convened in the Austrian capital, all committed to combating cybercrime at a global scale. At the event, PRIVANOVA illustrated the vitality of the LEA Cluster as a collaborative platform focused on law enforcement, cybersecurity, and cybercrime prevention. Encompassing 23 distinct projects and growing, the LEA Cluster represents an impressive amalgamation of initiatives aimed at fostering communication, exploring research opportunities, coordinating the dissemination of project findings, and analysing best practices. This collective strength was skilfully communicated by PRIVANOVA, amplifying the LEA Cluster’s role as a catalyst for progressive, synergistic cybercrime prevention.

The crux of PRIVANOVA’s presentation was the LEA Cluster’s mission to forge effective collaboration, enable joint exploitation activities, and streamline the development and dissemination of findings to various stakeholders. Farhan Sahito, serving as the LEA Cluster’s representative, underscored these objectives while discussing the ongoing projects and their collective contribution to tackling the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime. The session vividly captured how the LEA Cluster, under PRIVANOVA’s guidance, is contributing to the global combat against cybercrime by leveraging the combined strength of these varied projects.

PRIVANOVA’s presentation did not just stop at the current achievements and initiatives of the LEA Cluster. It also brought attention to the cluster’s aspirations to expand its horizons by integrating more projects under its umbrella. By doing so, PRIVANOVA signaled the LEA Cluster’s intent to stay at the forefront of combating cybercrime, thus further solidifying its reputation as a significant player in the international cybersecurity arena.

Collective Power: The LEA Cluster’s Contribution to Global Cybersecurity

PRIVANOVA, in its role as the orchestrating entity of the LEA Cluster, has facilitated cooperation among numerous cybercrime-focused projects. By aligning the expertise from academia to industry, law enforcement, and policymaking, they have created an interdisciplinary dialogue that leads to comprehensive, practical solutions.

Their participation in the Fifth Intersessional Consultation was a testament to their ongoing commitment. The presentation by Farhan Sahito showcased the cluster’s role in actively addressing the pressing challenges of cybercrime. Further, PRIVANOVA submitted a position paper, “Advancing Cybersecurity Collaboration: The LEA Cluster’s Comprehensive Contribution to the Fifth Intersessional Consultation of the Ad Hoc Committee.” This paper amplified the voice of the LEA Cluster in the international arena, detailing key issues and providing practical insights into combating cybercrime.

The position paper’s recommendations centered on fostering the interoperability of cybercrime prevention and detection platforms and the establishment of a globally unified system for reporting cybercrimes. The emphasis was on the need for global cooperation, standardization, and the importance of victim protection while ensuring improved data collection and strategic action against cybercriminal activities.

As PRIVANOVA, and by extension, the LEA Cluster continues its active engagement at such international platforms, it is clear that their collective knowledge, research, and solutions are playing a significant role in shaping global cybercrime prevention policies. The experience and insights gained from this consultation will further strengthen their endeavor towards a safe and secure digital future for all.

Author: Milica Klavžar (PRIVANOVA)